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Bradley Manning’s Father, Brian Manning, Fails At National Interview On CNN

August 6, 2013


There are times when it is clear a person is not ready for the national spotlight.  Tuesday night was such a time for Brian Manning, the father of Bradley Manning.  Anderson Cooper had the father on his show following the conclusion of the trial portion for the younger Manning’s case of leaked secret intelligence.

If one listened to the entire CNN interview, and it is only a few minutes long, one can notice two different answers emerging.

Cooper asked Brian if he still believes, as he did early in the trial, that his son is innocent.  “In my heart I believe that” he replied.  But in the same interview he also stated that if he could speak freely to his son, he would tell Bradley “that he had no excuse whatsoever for allegedly releasing that information.”

So what does Brian Manning really believe?

Apart from the portion of the interview dealing with the trial was a most bizarre revelation when Brian Manning informs Cooper that he drove Bradley to gay bars once his son came out to his father,  How Brian phrased his sentences makes anyone with even a low level of intelligence question just how supportive and truly ‘gay friendly’ he was as a father.  His use of the word “swishy’ was really all one needed to know about the real feelings of Bradley’s father.   I don’t even know how to process the tortured reasoning of Brian Manning when he came to this portion of the interview.

Meanwhile The New York Times had this line last week in a front page story on the human side of Bradley Manning.   There were “several angry clashes with his father — which some friends attributed to his father’s disapproval of his sexual identity — landed him on the streets, living in his car.”  Not exactly the loving dad who was trying to make points in front of a national television audience.

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