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Reince Priebus Sounds Like Child On Playground At Recess

August 6, 2013


If the Republican Party wants to know one of the reasons they lose national elections they only need to pay attention to the latest flap that was created by their internal operations.

Republican National Chairperson Reince Priebus said the GOP would refuse to partner with two major networks on future Republican primary debates or sanction any debates on CNN or NBC.  The reason for the conservative lunacy is that NBC plans a miniseries on Clinton, and CNN a documentary on the former first lady.  Unless the networks comply, Priebus, who failed to place a Republican in the White House in 2012 plans to push for the sanctions at an RNC meeting in Boston beginning on Aug. 14.

The average voter is looking at this news and thinking what is wrong with Republicans.  Instead of fashioning policy, or trying to govern with the members they have elected in Washington, they instead are playing the most base politics.  What everyone is witnessing from Priebus is akin to the antics displayed by youngsters on the school house playground at recess time.

‘If John plays with Susie I am not going to invite him to my birthday party.’

With budget issues that must be resolved, high tensions over international affairs, and the pressing need for immigration reform the  GOP is resorting to their traditional small-minded tactics that is aimed at their base who dwell under rocks.   Meanwhile the vast majority of the public is looking at this Republican blather and laughing.

At the same time NBC and CNN are saying thanks for the free advertising for their programs!

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