Shame On St. Mary’s Catholic Church In Altoona, Wisconsin For Ousting Boy Scouts Over Gay Issue


Seems some folks in Altoona are out of sync with Pope Francis.

Let us recall the pope said that “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis spoke in Italian but used the English word “gay.”

Meanwhile in Altoona there is a different tone among some Catholics.  And it is disgusting.

Boy Scout Troop 90 has been meeting at St. Mary’s Catholic Church for more than 20 years in Altoona.  Scoutmaster Bob Thill says the troop has been told it should find a new home after the end of the year because of concerns about the Boy Scouts’ new policy to allow openly gay boys to join the program, beginning next year. Rev. Derek Sakowski, of St. Mary’s, says the church’s pastoral council has strongly recommended cutting ties with the troop.

This is just part of the sad chapter of discrimination that continues to cloud the Catholic Church.   Let me be most clear here and call bigotry an ugly sight wherever it rears its head.  In this case it rests front and center with  Sakowski who has made it known that he was uncomfortable with the wording in the revised Boy Scouts membership standards indicating that no youth may be turned away “on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

We can then deduce Sakowski would welcome discrimination and out casting of otherwise able and capable boys simply based on being gay.  In 2013 that is just simply unacceptable, even from those who kneel and pray with seeming piety.

There should be strong words and rebuke for the actions of St. Mary’s Catholic Church for taking a position that runs counter to the needs of the Boy Scouts, and also to the modern-day sensibilities of the community.

One thought on “Shame On St. Mary’s Catholic Church In Altoona, Wisconsin For Ousting Boy Scouts Over Gay Issue

  1. Solly

    I lurves Mother Angelica. Reminds me of the nuns who pinned our front bluejean pockets shut so we didn’t put our hands in our pockets (what, six year olds are going to play pocket pool?) and hollered at me because my black buckle snow boots made too much noise marching into church 6 days a week and ridiculed me for coloring little black Sambo’s hair purple (hey, I was ahead of my time stylistically!) Recovering Catholic meetings are held every Saturday at the Do-Tell Hotel conference room. Bring the wine.

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