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Steven Krieser Reflects Republican Party’s Problem Over Immigration, Likens Immigrants To Satan

August 8, 2013


I am not so sure Steven Krieser wants to eat in a public restaurant anytime soon.  Someone working in the kitchen may spit in his food before it gets to the table.   It would be easy to understand why.

Today there was a firing so fast of Steven Krieser because even Republican Governor Scott Walker understood the toxic nature of which he was dealing.  Walker who is doing everything possible to ready himself for the presidential primaries knew he needed to jettison Krieser once it was clear the racist remarks could not be explained away.

Steven Krieser, was the third highest ranking official at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation earning $96,628 per year.  Then in just hours he became an unemployed man, and for good reason.  He made truly deplorable comments about immigrants.

Then, on top of it all, we get to be treated to the incredible chutzpah of hundreds of thousands of these criminals marching in the streets in broad daylight, demanding all the benefits of citizenship from a country whose laws they are breaking even as they are standing there. The illegals themselves have bred the animus that many American citizens feel toward them You may see Jesus when you look at them. I see Satan.

What lurks in the heart of Krieser is clear for all to see tonight, and it is ugly and vile.  He is not the type of state employee any taxpayer should need to pay for.  His fast firing is the only positive aspect to this wretched story.

Republicans wonder why they have a hard time connecting with Hispanics and other immigrants.  They wonder what they might do to make inroads among this vital part to the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House.  When pondering such things the GOP may want to look at Krieser.  When caught with his words in print he sheepishly stated, “”I certainly didn’t mean any offense.”

Obviously public relations will not be his strongest point on the resume he will now need to update.

What Krieser said is the problem with Republicans when it comes to immigration.  They have no idea the harm they do by their actions, or attitudes.

It causes a huge amount of harm when hurtful and stereotypical words and factually wrong ideas are used about immigrants and then digested by others who are far less able to sift and winnow.  Too many of the red-meat crowd eat up racist bile, and then reuse it thereby only furthering the damage to people who come to this country to work and make a better life.

Surely Krieser knows why immigrants come here and the important role they play in our nation.  Everyone can understand the desire to make a better life.  The Republican Party should be able to understand that too.

But over and over the GOP fails to demonstrate they understand the concerns of immigrants.   More than once they have taken a loss at the polls based in large part on their policies and statements about immigrants.   Today Krieser only confirmed once again what is wrong with the GOP when it comes to immigration, and why they can’t be trusted.   Krieser was fired for his stupidity, but if the GOP does not wise-up they too will be rejected again in national polling come 2016.

This whole matter started on Facebook.

On Wednesday, Rep. Gordon Hintz, an Oshkosh Democrat, triggered the heated discussion by posting on his Facebook page a photo of a bumper sticker that was on sale at a Mobil gas station in Germantown. The bumper sticker said, “USA Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit — No Bag Limit — Tagging Not Required.”

“Can we not sell these stickers in 2013?” Hintz asked.

Soon after, former Republican Rep. Joe Handrick  of Minocqua sharply criticized the sticker, saying it would lead people to focus their anger on illegal immigrants instead of the broken enforcement system. He added that Jesus would be seen as a non-English-speaking foreigner if he came to the U.S. today.

  1. Ros permalink
    November 3, 2013 1:33 PM

    I knew this name sounded familiar!! Has anyone seen the documentary: PARK AVENUE: MONEY POWER AND THE AMERICAN DREAM?? Really Virginia?? You re-elected this man AFTER this revelation??
    In this documentary, Scott Walker was tricked into thinking that he was REALLY speaking with D. K och about breaking the backs of the unions and in it he revealed his true colors. Pretty much, anything that he supports you had BETTER vote/petition/and fight against! Watch the video (on Netflix) and you will have a clearer view of what’s really going on with his support for this evil politics that would destroy America and Americans!

  2. Liz permalink
    August 10, 2013 9:17 AM

    Very good write-up. I absolutely love this website.

    Keep writing!

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