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Maine Governor LePage Sounds Like Nut From Nixon White House When Saying He Wants To Blow Up Newspaper Building

August 11, 2013

Paul LePage

At a time when over 20 embassies were shuttered last week due to a terrorist threat comes the news of teabagging Maine Governor LePage, pining over his desire to blow up a newspaper building in the United States.

The newspaper that was threatened was the Portland Press Herald.  What has made for a most horrible headline for LePage is his unwarranted resentment against journalists in general. and newspapers in particular.   That hatred needs to end.

The Republican governor made the offhand remark while  participating in a fighter jet simulation at Pratt & Whitney, a  defense contractor in North Berwick. In video footage from the event,  LePage is asked, “What would you like to do?” He replies: “I want to  find the Portland Press Herald building and blow it up.”

I understand that any politician would like to have only favorable press, and have every edition glorify the policies that are being enacted.  But democracy does not work like that, and God willing never will.  When there are such peculiar elected officials as LePage in power (and the oddities about this man are many) only means that there is even more reason to have reporters and newspapers working overtime to inform the public about the workings of their government.  LePage may not understand that fact, but every other person does.

To pretend this statement from LePage was a joke is akin to a student in high school threatening to bring a gun to school to kill people.  There are lines that are no longer to be crossed.

Let us not forget the way we all felt when first leaning during the time President Richard Nixon was elected that White House aide John Ehrlichman told John Dean on the phone, “Chuck Colson wants me to firebomb the Brookings [Institution].”   Hearing things like that sends a chill, and rightly so.  It is simply deplorable.

My readers know of my long-time love affair with hard-edged journalists who work to ferret out the truth, and damn the consequences.  Journalists are my heroes.  Every time the messenger brings news that makes some feel uncomfortable there is an attempt to portray the journalist or news operation as the evil one.   If LePage does not like that a reporter is writing the governor is in essence, an ass, then there is a solution to the problem other than bombing the newspaper.

The solution is just stop being an ass!

For Governor LePage that will be a full-time job.

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