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Melting Polar Ice Allows Cargo Ship To Try Historic Voyage Through Northeast Passage

August 12, 2013

This story struck my interest this morning.   It is so sad we have harmed the planet to the point that even allows for this attempt by a cargo ship to be tried.



A cargo ship is sailing from northeast China to Rotterdam through the Northeast Passage, the first time a commercial vessel has attempted the route.  The northerly journey via the Bering Strait,  which the changing climate is making possible for longer periods thanks to  melting sea ice, is expected to take 35 days – compared with the 48 days it  takes to complete the traditional route through the Suez Canel and the  Mediterranean Sea. The entire Northeast Passage – also known as the  Northern Sea Route – along the Russian coast lies in Arctic waters, and parts  are free from ice for only two months of the year.

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