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Do Not Take Your Gun To An Airport!!

August 13, 2013



This is absolutely the most ridiculous news story in the paper today.

Gun owners should pay a heavy fine for this activity, so that the rest of the law-abiding citizenry need not.

Through last week, the Transportation Security Administration had seized 67 guns this year at Hartsfield-Jackson, putting it ahead of last year’s pace and giving the airport a comfortable lead over Dallas-Fort Worth International in its defense of a dubious title. (Not every seizure results in an arrest; the exceptions include some military personnel.) Nationwide, security agents had seized 862 through the first half of 2013, a rate likely to eclipse last year’s record of 1,556.       

For Atlanta airport officials and law enforcement authorities, the increase in gun seizures poses a vexing problem, one that strains their security resources even as they continue to search, seemingly in vain, for a way to persuade travelers to leave their guns at home.

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