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Political Journalist Jack Germond, ‘One Of The Boys On The Bus’, Dies At Age 85

August 14, 2013


Jack Germond is behind me, in a way, as I write this post today.  My computer desk is surrounded by books, and among the titles are ones written by what I suggest could be the epitome of a political reporter and columnist.

There was the way Germond dressed and carried himself that alerted all to the fact he was a real seasoned political reporter.  I  always thought he must have had some of the best stories to tell at the end of a day after following a presidential candidate.   One can only image the laugher that was deep and sincere Germond might share over dinner and a drink, as he added insight and pithy comments about the campaign trail.

But it was on the countless television shows where Germond would sit and offer his sense of the politicians he covered, or the issues that are mired in complexity that made me wish he could show up to my house some night for dinner.  Germond knew everyone who was in politics, went everywhere a reporter would want or need to go, and saw everything that was timely and pertinent to the political events he covered.  He seemed so real, so smart, so accessible as a human being.  We would have had a grand dinner together!

This morning Jack Germond died shortly before 4 a.m. and just after completing a novel he had been thinking about for  years.  It is a novel of political intrigue, A Small Story for Page Three.

I know that part of the reason I so admire Germond is that he was a traditional and unashamed liberal.  But the root reason is because of what he did for a job, and the information he provided to the nation.  In his book Fat Man In A Middle Seat he summed up his life, I think, in one sentence. 

”For me and many of my contemporaries covering politics was the ultimate assignment, an end in itself that you cherished and defended for the rest of your career.”

Well done, Jack.


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