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President Nixon Did Not, President Obama Will

August 14, 2013

I am not a football fan in any definition of the word, but I did find this story concerning the 1972 Miami Dolphins interesting.  The Dolphins are the only team who achieved a perfect season in NFL history, going 17-0.  But when they made that mark in the record books they were not honored at the White House.

President Nixon was a Redskins fan, as any political junkie might know, and that combined with the fact every winning sports team did not yet find a White House invitation were among the reasons the Dolphins never had the honor.  Some writers are suggesting that Watergate tensions were another reason the White House did not have time for the Dolphins, but that is complete folly.    The White House would have slipped a sports team in for good PR but it just was not yet the ritual to have every jock-wearing team member over for a handshake with the leader of the free world.

Nixon loved the sport, and even played football himself while at Whittier College.



But the 1972 team will finally be honored by the White House next Tuesday, more than 40 years after its accomplishment.  President Obama will make the former players feel at home, and have what I suspect will be a photo opportunity that will make all the newspapers Wednesday morning.


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