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Egypt’s Military Made Dreadful Mistake–Will Be Damned In Pages Of History

August 17, 2013


I have been deeply stunned and saddened by the events in Egypt.  No one can be proud to see how broadly Egypt’s generals miscalculated when dealing with a government that was duly elected, and then deemed unworthy to continue to govern.  After ousting President Mohamed Morsi a month ago, the military treated the Muslim Brotherhood as they always had, and that was a grave mistake.  The military acted like the Brotherhood is a movement with no political power.  They felt the Brotherhood could continually be beaten into submission. Where the generals made the largest miscalculation was not knowing a movement that has been robbed of power is very different from one that never tasted it.

It is because of that there will be much more bloodshed.  It did not need to be this way.  The Egyptian military will be damned in the pages of history for the massacre this week, and rightly so.

Traditionally, the army was the one institution Egyptians trusted to guarantee stability. After Morsi’s ouster, which almost all the political groups supported, it initially seemed the army might retain that trust. Now following the carnage it is hard to see what will pull the country back from the ravages of a civil war.  Or a very long time of autocratic rule.   Make no mistake about the long-range planning by the military for the use of this massacre to secure their grip on power.

As one who applauded the Arab Spring throughout the region I need to say the impact of those movements are still forming developments that we are seeing play out today.  But what many of us failed to consider was the degree to which those who lost power would go to get it back.

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  1. Solly permalink
    August 21, 2013 9:42 PM

    Will Morsi’s gubment be damned for allowing the persecution, rape and destruction of the Coptic Christian community because they backed the wrong horse in the elections? If the people don’t matter, a lot of old church buildings got ruined.

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