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“Who is Paul McCartney?!”

August 17, 2013


This can not be real.  Can it?

As Paul McCartney closed the Grammy Awards last year with an all-star Beatles medley, Owen Husney, a veteran music executive, read Twitter in horror. In one message after another, young people asked a question that could give a baby boomer a heart attack: “Who is Paul McCartney?!”

I was so angry,” said Mr. Husney, who is best known as one of Prince’s first managers. “But I realized it was only natural. There is a whole audience born around 1990 that knows the Beatles, but is wholly unfamiliar with their writing.”

In response, Mr. Husney has teamed with a small music publisher on a project to introduce the songs of the Fab Four to a younger generation.

Sounds like a good idea…right?

But hold on!!

One project is an album of Beatles covers by young bands, but if Mr. Husney and his partner, Herb Jordan, are successful, they will also get more Beatles songs onto television and in the movies, something that has long been difficult — and correspondingly expensive — for Hollywood producers.

Am I the only one wondering why a cover band is needed when the Beatles were, and continue to be PERFECT.  Anyone who knows anything about the Beatles will just smirk at covers of the hits that we all continue to be enthralled with as they play over the radio or stereo.

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