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Elvis Presley’s Gold-Plated Piano Leaving Country Music Hall Of Fame

August 23, 2013


I am hoping someway, somehow an event will occur that will allow this wonderful piano, and the remarkable history associated with it to continue to be displayed at the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

The family of Russ Kemppel, an Akron, Ohio, businessman who died in January 2012, owns the piano. Kemppel bought the piano for $2 million. He moved it out of Graceland, Presley’s Memphis estate, 22 years ago and leased it to the hall for $1, said Scott Ferrell, Kemppel Industries’ CEO and executor of the estate.

Now the family would like to sell. Ferrell said he connected with Fenn in an effort to keep the piano in Nashville, but he’s given the required 90-day notice to end the hall’s lease.
Museum director Kyle Young issued a statement this morning:

“Though it wasn’t considered a key piece in the collection from an historical perspective —along the lines of Bill Monroe’s Loar, Maybelle Carter’s L-5, Earl Scruggs’ Granada or countless other instruments we display — nevertheless it is a marvelous piece of popular culture and our visitors enjoyed seeing it.

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