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Bo Xilai Legal Saga Not To Be Missed

August 25, 2013


The continuing saga of Bo Xilai that has engulfed China should not be missed.   The world has had great coverage to follow of the legal drama, in my case from the BBC that has provided remarkable reporting.  This afternoon I read a great summation in the newspaper that will leave almost everyone just shaking their head.  If you think fiction must be better than real political intrigue take a few minutes to read the following article.

There is no way to short-cut this story and not take the sizzle out of it, so just read it.

Meet the Bo family.

Starring in this dysfunctional drama is Bo Xilai, the charismatic Communist Party heavyweight angling to head China. His ice-queen lawyer wife, Gu Kailai, slowly descending into violence. The couple’s spoiled son, Guagua — the name means “melon” in Chinese — who receives gifts including a $130,000 trip to Africa and a $12,000 Segway from a businessman currying favor with his father.

Then there’s the supporting cast of characters, such as the Englishman killed by the wife in a business spat and a conniving police chief who blows

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