Newborn Panda Oh So Cute

Want some good news?


The giant panda cub at Washington’s National Zoo appears to be in excellent health, zookeepers reported after a 10-minute physical exam Sunday morning.

The panda, born Friday afternoon, weighs 4.8 ounces, is pink with white fur and wriggled and squealed loudly when it was taken away from its mother, zoo officials said.

A second cub was stillborn Saturday night, but zookeepers were still overjoyed at the prospect of one healthy cub given that pandas are critically endangered and breeding them in captivity has proved difficult, especially in Washington.

One thought on “Newborn Panda Oh So Cute

  1. Alinka

    “breeding them in captivity has proved difficult, especially in Washington”

    ha. The only thing that’s breeding well in Washington are politicians and strife.

    But thanks , its sooo cute! 🙂 I just read a post -some eagle eyed rightwing news site spotted another case of ugly racism :Obamas are adopting black dogs only! (not a parody site,real one) And now some mixed race Chinese immigrant is here. America is going to hell,I am telling ya

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