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Thank The NRA For Shooting At Washington Navy Yard

September 16, 2013

Again this nation is dealing with more blood and carnage from guns.  This time the morgue will be dealing with workers from the Washington Navy Yard.  That is the scene where two gunmen shot at least 10 people.  The reports about loss of life is starting to trickle in to news departments.  “Multiple” people have been killed in the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, a spokesperson told CNN.

If this were a random act that was rare we would all gasp and concentrate on the facts as they are reported.  But this type of crazed violence due to the high volume of guns that are in circulation, and the ease which they can be obtained makes for a glazed look from my fellow citizens who see too many of these stories.  Due to the stranglehold the NRA has on our elected officials this type of violence is now the normal type of news we expect to read and hear about.

There is no doubt the National Rifle Association with their lobbying power has made our country a far more dangerous place to live.  For the folks at the Navy Yard also a more dangerous place to work.

What the average person in this nation would say were mild and sensible restrictions on guns is what the NRA claims is an infringement on their rights.  For far too long the NRA has prevented efforts when the sensible middle of this country wanted to curtail gun availability, and the bloodshed that comes with these deadly weapons.

Once again today we see that when the NRA wins, people die.

  1. Mark E. Bye permalink
    September 17, 2013 8:57 AM

    If you don’t think gun control legislation in this country is dead, take a look at the recall elections in Colorado last week.

  2. September 17, 2013 8:15 AM

    You sound just as ignorant as the folks that blame the shooter’s race for this incident…with the exact same kind of “I don’t need to know anything else to know I’m right” kind of attitude. For real…check thyself, ’cause you’re better than that.

    And all due respect, but I don’t think it is just the NRA which is opposed to your desire for “very limited means to obtain weapons and ammunition”. While there is some support for tighter gun laws I think your proposal is a tad radical and goes against the average citizen’s viewpoint.

    (PS – I never said “welcome back!” So, thisiskindaawkardnow…but, ‘gratz on the book and welcome back to blogging. You were missed)

  3. September 16, 2013 10:28 PM


    It is relevant as there are too many gun control bills that never get passed due to the NRA, which leads to the type of headlines we saw today.

  4. Skip permalink
    September 16, 2013 8:59 PM

    “There is no doubt that the fingerprints of the NRA are on this crime scene.”

    You know no such thing. All we know is that a man with a “long gun” shot and killed people and that there was perhaps another shooter. We have no idea where the known gunman got the gun or if “mild and sensible restrictions on guns” would have prevented him from obtaining the gun or guns. We have no idea if even very restrictive regulations would have prevented the gunman or gunmen from obtaining weapons.

    “…I did not need to know the type of guns or bullets used today to know that we should have in this nation very limited means to obtain weapons and ammunition.”

    Completely irrelevant. Your post posited a cause and effect relationship between this incident and the NRA. I never asserted in my comment one word about more restrictive gun laws. All I said was that you don’t have enough information to link the NRA’s activities to this incident.

    I’m no fan of the NRA and your experiences in the legislature are also completely irrelevant here. You don’t have the slightest clue as to all the circumstances surrounding this tragedy so perhaps you could wait until you do before you start making claims.

  5. September 16, 2013 7:05 PM


    There is not a gun control idea that has not been hammered by the NRA. No one should pretend that this case, like every other one relating to guns, does not have a link back to the political machinations that takes place in legislative bodies, or the outlandish amounts of money that are spent in election cycles to do the dirty work of the NRA. I worked in the state assembly when a gun bill was on the floor and I still consider taking showers after thinking of those NRA lobbyists who came to Madison in suits that would make a nice down payment on a car.

    I posted this just a short time after the shooting, and I did not need to know the type of guns or bullets used today to know that we should have in this nation very limited means to obtain weapons and ammunition. The NRA almost becomes hysterical when such ideas are brought up for discussion. There is no doubt that the fingerprints of the NRA are on this crime scene.

    I am assuming you read the article today about how the GOP wants to lighten the burden on those who want to buy rifles in Wisconsin. Guess who is behind this ‘need’?

  6. Skip permalink
    September 16, 2013 6:17 PM

    I just read an article on this which gives no indication as to how the shooter obtained the weapon or weapons used here. Considering that you posted this much earlier today, you don’t know either.

    For someone who bemoans ignorance in people, it sure didn’t stop you here.

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