Dave Cieslewicz Says Everything One Needs To Know About College Football

I find myself often in agreement with the sentiments of former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.  Today his Isthmus article was perfect.  I hope my readers will agree.  In part it reads…

The fundamental problem is that there is just too much money these days in the college game. The all-sports network ESPN is now dictating college game-day schedules and even creating made-for-television playoff systems. The Big Ten will soon add Rutgers and Maryland to the league only to get a foothold into the East Coast television market. Twelve-year-old kids no longer get a chance to hawk soda at Camp Randall, and you can’t buy a Coke there anymore because the athletic department made a concessions deal with a big corporate outfit so they could get a bigger take of the proceeds.

The power of money leads directly to a loss of perspective at major universities where winning becomes more important than any other value of the institution, and where star coaches like Paterno become untouchable until it’s too late.

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