Ronald Disher From Portage County Has Plea Hearing Next Week

The continuing saga from central Wisconsin continues with the anticipated plea hearing for Ronald Disher.

Portage County Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood said in 2012 this case was a “a real life murder mystery”.    The answers are yet to be found, but the chatter about this case is as energized as when it all came to light.  This story went national when it was first reported.

In 2012 the Portage County Sheriff’s Department sent out a news release asking for the public’s help locating Marie Jost, 100, and her son Theodore, 74.

Marie’s son, Charles, her daughter, Dolores Disher and Dolores’ husband, Ronald were all charged with theft and fraud after investigators say they cashed $175,000 worth of Marie’s social security checks. Investigators says the three also changed their story when questioned about Marie and Theodore’s whereabouts.

The family members in jail are straight from central casting.


It might also be noted that in September 2012 Ronald Disher made one of those statements any defense lawyer looses his dinner upon hearing.

Prosecutors dropped a bomb when they told the court Ronald Disher told two fellow inmates that his wife killed Marie’s Jost, and they buried her body in Amherst Junction.

Today came news that Ronald Disher will have a plea hearing on September 30, 2013 at 2:00 P.M.

While this case is far easier to prove in regards to Social Security fraud, there is always the mystery about a murder, and the depositing of a body that makes for talks in diners and at gas stations.

Or are we to just believe that Marie Jost is on a long vacation in a sunny climate at the age of 101?

Earlier this year  a Portage County judge rejected a request by the 72-year-old Disher to reduce his $1,000 bond so he could get out of jail.  Disher also asked for permission to see his 70-year-old wife Delores in a hospital, and to attend her funeral if she doesn’t recover.

Who knows how this all plays out,  There could be a death-bed confession.

Stay tuned for another edition of “a real life murder mystery”.

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