A Dog Named For Minnie Pearl

I love my neighborhood.  It seems every week there is another reason for me to make that statement out loud, or just feel it within as I walk about and talk with those who live here.

Tonight James and I were out for our nightly walk and we ran into one of those energetic puppies that demand some petting and adoring.  While we were bent over trying to pet the squirming mass of soft fur we enquired into the name of the dog.

From over our heads the owner replied, “Minnie.  Like Minnie Pearl.”

Without finishing playing with the puppy I stood and said “Really?”

Within minutes his background of growing up in Illinois, appreciation for classic country and bluegrass, and background with local bands had been established.  His wife’s professional background also makes for lots of musical notes heard in Madison.

What gets me so charged about this simple naming of a dog for a performer who was born in 1912 and died in 1996 is that I often feel we forget our past at far too fast a rate.  There are so many real gems that once dotted the stage and made memorable moments but seem lost to the high PR and hype that surrounds the antics of such current ‘stars’ as Miley Cyrus.  So when I find people who still connect to the past I find a reason to smile.

And share it with my readers.


2 thoughts on “A Dog Named For Minnie Pearl

  1. John Nichols

    My Pop and Minnie knew each other well, He was Radio personality (and jokester) Lee Nichols who used to mc some of the Grand Ole Oprys when they came to town. I got to meet Minnie when I was a kid. Dad enjoyed a long friendship whith Minnie and loved her down home humor. Well Hey, everybody loved Minnie Pearl!
    John Nichols

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