House Republicans Act Like Terrorists, We Can Not Let Them Blow Our Government Up


There is no way to positively spin the antics of the teabaggers in the House of Representatives who are attempting to hold the nation hostage when it comes to the budget crunch that needs a continuing resolution by Monday.  If a deal is not passed by Congress the prospect of a government shutdown beginning on Tuesday becomes very real.

There was a time, and not so long ago, when (for the most part) thoughtful and far-sighted people decided to run for a congressional seat so to make government better.  There was a desire to go to Washington and push our national purpose to new and higher standards.    Members from both sides of the aisle could be counted on to conduct the national business, even with partisan differences.

But reasoned men and women were replaced too often with teabaggers in enough congressional districts that chaos was unleashed in congress.

Today what this nation is witnessing is one of the most pathetic displays of petulant behavior yet displayed by the Republican Party in modern times.    There is a willing disregard from conservatives for the gravity of the work that congress must do so to keep the government running, and the national economy from suffering.  Had the teabaggers control of the levers of our government they would whole-heartedly wreak havoc on the international stage too, given the linkage and complexities of our economic systems.

Conservatives who resist legislation to authorize new borrowing by the Treasury are not fulfilling their obligations to the nation they pretend to represent.  When they threaten and bluster about the benefits of a shuttered national government they are demonstrating why they are way over their pay grade and need to return to the private sector.

Simply put, the appalling behavior from the new brand of Republicans is much akin to terrorists.

Last night on a news program it was noted that the House is not really asking for sane negotiations.   After all, as it was stated, it’s a negotiation if someone is trying to sell a house and the debate is over the price.  But what the House Republicans are saying is ‘Give me everything inside or I’m going to burn it down.’

President Obama is correct to say he will not negotiate the good faith and credit of the United States with those who are trying to hold the nation for ransom.  That is not how the political process is handled in this nation, and it is time the three-thumb crowd that got elected from red districts understand that.

There are too many in the world with a bomb strapped to their chests.  We have seen that too many times in the headlines.  As such we can not and must not allow for the Republicans who act as if they were potty trained at gunpoint to also act like terrorists.

For damn sure, this nation will not let Republicans blow our government up.  They need to be stopped.  Anything that allows these nutty Republicans to believe they can trade a debt-ceiling threat
for policy concessions simply creates a new hostage crisis the next time the debt ceiling comes up.  This nation does not negotiate with terrorists.

While the GOP continues to tarnish whatever is left of their brand name the mature members of Congress and President Obama will do the work that they were elected to do.

12 thoughts on “House Republicans Act Like Terrorists, We Can Not Let Them Blow Our Government Up

  1. ” They need to be stopped”. You are more of a terrorist than the GOP. You don’t know what a terrorist is if you think that a threat to shut down government through nonviolent means is terrorism. To you , Gandhi was a terrorist. …You must have been fun in American History class.

  2. I was, in fact, fun in history class. My HS teacher loved when I was in a talkative mode as I followed events and loved to back and forth with her. Years after I graduated I returned to speak to a couple of her classes about state government.

    I also add that the GOP terrorist talk even is on record from a United States Senator. “The only time you shut down the government is when you shut it down and refuse to open it until you accomplish what you want. But we’ll fold like hotcakes. … You do not take a hostage you are not going to for sure shoot. And we will not for sure shoot this hostage.”


  3. Terrorists do not take hostages. They kill people to spread terror. Taking hostages for political leverage and making a political statement is what revolutionaries do.

  4. Alinka

    (heeee …”potty trained at gun point” :).I doubt sometimes certain GOP-ers were potty trained at all)

    Dale’s definition is correct ,yet we know of a broader, and perfectly legitimate, use of it. ISCANT (International Convention on the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism) as well as National Security Council refers to Iran as a nuclear terrorist state.

    You don’t become a terrorist only AFTER you’ve violently killed some people, or even gained possession of the means to kill them – a threat is enough.

    GOP fits the bill, being a threat to life of many people. Their proposals will directly result in gays dying from abuse, threats, or suicide, sick uninsured people from being unable to get or pay for the medical care, kids from malnutrition due to lack of food assistance, etc.

    In the old documents related to creation of Clean Air act, etc. I often encounter the legal – not just as a journalistic exaggeration – use of the word terrorism in reference to industries that cause deaths and harm by dumping waste.

    It doesn’t even have to be directed towards people – another legal term, “eco-terrorism”, means harming property as form of civil disobedience.

  5. tom

    The Left has done a remarkable job co-opting the English language. Orwell would be fascinated by them. By the standards we see here, anyone who does not give us what we want is a terrorist, I suppose. Are we really to believe that gays will be dying from abuse? What other stupid and unfounded claims will come next?

    The Republicans are elected representatives of the people to the exact extent democrats and the president are. As such they are free to advance their political agenda and use whatever leverage they can within the constitution. (Personally, I would be more concerned when a president single-handedly decides which parts of a law are to be enforced and to whom the law will apply and will not.) The republicans are certainly within their constitutional rights to adopt these tactics. If the people do not like them, the people will elect new representatives.

    It is sad when one suggests that following the political process and the constitution is like placing explosives along the route of the marathon. Actually, to the extent that claiming republicans are terrorists obviously disrespects and trivializes the real victims of terrorists is sickening. Decent people don’t play with language this way, I think. It is certainly not reasonable comparison.

    A new low for CP.

  6. It is not that “anyone who does not give us what we want is a terrorist” it is instead that a small group of conservatives who could not win the White House are trying using tactics that will damage our country. A bill was passed, signed into law, made its way past the Supreme Court, then Obama ran for a second term on the law, and won. To undermine the United States, the government, and our economy, as some 30-60 House members are doing is a form of terrorism. You may not like that I spelled it out so clearly, but in fact it is terrorism. Today even the President spoke about Republicans holding the whole country hostage. This past week a GOP Senator talked about shooting a hostage. Yes, this is what terrorism looks like when it comes to House politics.

    I have worked in government and I know what consensus looks like, and what it means to compromise. As a reader of American history I can tell you that Barry Goldwater and Ted Kennedy (both sides of the divide) were able to work with their political opponents. But the wild and totally out-of-control nut jobs that make up a large part of the House have no interest in anything other than the destruction of the nation. That is terrorism.

    1. BS, when you claim legitimate political opposition is terroristic, you lose credibility. You adulterate the definition. You use propaganda to subvert the truth and offer an alternative that meets your emotional needs to dehumanize your opposition. You debase yourself. You were once better than that.

  7. Dale,

    The definition of a terrorist is a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. The definition of terrorism is in part intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. That is precisely that is happening from the House Republicans. You may not agree, or like what I have to say about this matter, and that is fine. But the facts are as they stand tonight with our government shut down. We know who did it, and why. I was reminded tonight that White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer used three vivid analogies to attack House Republicans’ laundry list of demands for raising the debt ceiling, comparing Republicans to arsonists, hostage-takers and suicide bombers. That sums up my feelings too.

    1. When I hear the word terrorism, I think of Porter “car bomb” Goss, the Lockerbie bombing, 9/11. You think of a government shutdown and say they are equivalent. You adulterate the word. You cheapen it’s meaning. You use the word terrorism to ascribe how you feel about it and rationalize an equivalency where none exists. This is wrong.
      And I think that both of us have staked our position on this point enough. I will move on now.

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