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Bob Schieffer Again Shows Skills As A Sage Reporter

September 29, 2013


Perhaps it was the sparkle at time in his eyes, or the curve of his mouth that was indicative of the smile he wanted to show over the incredulous nature of the story that is dominating the nation this weekend.  As I watched Bob Schieffer this morning on Face The Nation I knew at once that he understood how absurd the events were that are now steering the nation to a shutdown of the national government.

Instead of allowing U.S. Senator Rand Paul to just glibly recycle his talking points, and confuse viewers who may not have followed events as closely as they might have, Schieffer cut to the core by framing the questions with the purpose of making sense of the muddled mess.

It is at times like this in our nation that we again look for seasoned and reasonable men and women to show us the way.  Some are elected officials who can lead through their position in government.  Others are people like Schieffer who can illuminate the news for the folks back home who need to know what is really happening behind the headlines.

That is exactly what happened this morning, thanks to Bob.

Schieffer was perhaps at his best when he asked just how many conference committees would be required to settle this whole matter given the great angst and divides with the Republican Party.  It was a point well made since the chasm within the GOP is really the main reason this threat of a government showdown is happening in the first place.

Paul may be able to talk his way around reporters, but Schieffer saddled him with questions that did much to stimulate thinking among viewers.  That too is a quality of a great reporter.

Score another for professional and sage skills from a journalist!

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  1. September 29, 2013 3:39 PM

    Thanks for posting this. Was a breath of fresh air to see an actual journalist rather than a talking head.

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