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Ronald Disher Trial Scheduled For Three Days In January 2014

September 30, 2013



As many people in central Wisconsin and elsewhere follow the strange and mysterious events in the disappearance of Marie Jost, 100, and her son Theodore, 74 comes more news from Portage County about one of those implicated in Social Security fraud surrounding the case.  Ronald Disher, 72, Delores Disher, 70 and Charles Jost, 67, are all accused of cashing more than $175,000 worth of their missing mother’s Social Security checks.

The jury trial for Ronald Disher will start on January 29, 2014 at 8:00 A.M.

ronald disher

Earlier today Disher was in court.

The trial was to have been held in October.

Disher was scheduled for a plea hearing Monday, but Disher’s defense attorney had trouble communicating with him in the Lincoln County Jail, where he is being housed. Disher indicated to his attorney that he would not plea to the charges after he arrived in Portage County for the hearing, Gary Kryshak, he attorney, told the court.

Kryshak asked for a reduction in bond, saying the dollar amount was too high for what amounted to a financial crime. Disher has been in jail for more than a year on a $20,000 cash bond.

But Portage County Circuit Judge Thomas Flugaur said the bond was appropriate for the fraud charges, which involve $175,000 fraudulently taken from the Social Security Administration. Prosecutors also said Disher is accused of attacking a Social Security investigator and another inmate while in jail.

Monday’s proceedings cast doubt over a potential homicide case. Authorities originally speculated that that the three might have killed Marie and Theodore Jost and hid their bodies. At Monday’s hearing, Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood told the court that prosecutors believe Ronald Disher has spoken to other inmates in the jail about committing the crime.

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