Madison Mayor Soglin Says GOP Shutdown Of Government Has Effect Of Terrorists

I have said the GOP members of congress who are shutting down the federal government are acting like terrorists.  Now I read that Madison Mayor Paul Soglin also correctly stated that the perpetrators of the shutdown are having the effect of  terrorists who in their greatest hope would want to shut down the U.S.  government and that a resolution rests in Congress approving a clean continuing  resolution to restart funding with no strings attached.

It is a shame what is happening to our political institutions and the fabric of our nation from this government shutdown.  The partisan zeal to undermine government, and deprive the citizenry a functioning bureaucracy  is mind-numbing.

Soglin made mention of the hardships that might befall local residents.   Budget shortfalls will possibly impact everything from Section 8 housing to transit funds for metro service.  Citizens are noting what is happening, and who is to blame.

The only question that remains is how long before the moderate element of the GOP congress reasserts itself and leads again from the mature side of their party.

On September 27th I wrote, in part, the following.

Simply put, the appalling behavior from the new brand of Republicans is much akin to terrorists.

Last night on a news program it was noted that the House is not really asking for sane negotiations.   After all, as it was stated, it’s a negotiation if someone is trying to sell a house and the debate is over the price.  But what the House Republicans are saying is ’Give me everything inside or I’m going to burn it down.’

President Obama is correct to say he will not negotiate the good faith and credit of the United States with those who are trying to hold the nation for ransom.  That is not how the political process is handled in this nation, and it is time the three-thumb crowd that got elected from red districts understand that.

There are too many in the world with a bomb strapped to their chests.  We have seen that too many times in the headlines.  As such we can not and must not allow for the Republicans who act as if they were potty trained at gunpoint to also act like terrorists.

For damn sure, this nation will not let Republicans blow our government up.  They need to be stopped.  Anything that allows these nutty Republicans to believe they can trade a debt-ceiling threat for policy concessions simply creates a new hostage crisis the next time the debt ceiling comes up.  This nation does not negotiate with terrorists.


4 thoughts on “Madison Mayor Soglin Says GOP Shutdown Of Government Has Effect Of Terrorists

  1. The policy of the US gov’t is to hunt down and kill terrorists. Are you suggesting that our President do that with these congress members?

    I agree that this shutdown is nonsense, but more inflamantary language isn’t the solution.

  2. I stated, as Soglin did yesterday, that we not be held as hostages by a small faction in the House of Representatives. Caving in to their demands will not only impact us, but future presidents, and people of this country.

  3. I understand..and agree…with the basic premise that this nonsense is bad for our country, but am still curious to know how you think we, as a society, should respond to terrorism.

    Our current policy is to hunt down and kill and/or arrest ’em. Do you agree with that policy or do you beleive our President should put a stop to those actions?

  4. Unlike many I think the drone policy is effective. Targeted strikes. I also find the elite groups that are sent in to surgically strike effective, too. On a broader scale I think, as in the case of Egypt, we should not back away from democratic institutions, As flawed as Morsi was there needed to be a process that was allowed to play out. rather than have the Muslim Brotherhood play by the rules, win an election, and still lose. The birth of functioning institutions takes time, but if we are to combat terrorism in the larger arena we need to work to guide and nurture (at a distance and in that case, with aid) to combat the more fundamentalist elements. I also think that we always need to support and encourage moderate elements. I have long thought the moderate forces in the PLO should have had more visible support, as an example. A few quick thoughts to your question.

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