Facebook To Remove A Privacy Setting

Many people are going to find this news discomforting.  For myself, I am not overly concerned.  But the trend by Facebook to have less walls for privacy is something that should be discussed.

The social media giant is taking the last steps to remove an  old search setting called “Who can look up your Timeline  by name?” which controlled who  could find you and see your status updates and photos.

The search setting was automatically  removed last year for people who weren’t using it.

If you are using it, you will get a  notification in the coming days, letting you know it will be removed:

Facebook Search

As a reminder of the  importance of privacy on Facebook, the best way to control what people can see  is to choose the audience that can view each of the individual things you share. 

In short, if you post something as “Public”  that means anyone on Facebook can see it. If you post something as “Friends  Only” that means only people you are friends with on Facebook can see it. And so  on. It’s very important to pay attention to these settings when posting new  photos and status updates.

In the coming weeks, people who are sharing posts publicly on Facebook will also see a notice reminding them that those  posts can be seen by anyone, including people they may not know.

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