Regine Schlesinger Hits 40 Year Mark At WBBM NewsRadio 780 In Chicago


This news makes me smile for two reasons.

First, can you think of anyone who has lasted in the same radio job for 40 years?  That is almost an impossible feat to accomplish.  But that is what Regine Schlesinger has done at WBBM Newsradio from Chicago.

The old saying you are not really a broadcaster until you are fired from a radio job does not apply to this professional woman.  Thank God!

The second reason this makes me smile is that her voice and news reporting is one that I have listened to since I was a teenager.  In other words during most of her time at the station, I have heard her report on almost every news topic under the sun.

Just the other day in the car following a hair cut James and I tuned to WBBM and there she was reporting a news story.  Her unmistakable voice filled the car.  I did not know at the time she was observing 40 years at the station this year.  Rather I just take it for granted that she will be there when I need the news.

That is the power of radio and the warm voices that become our friends over the airwaves.

As Robert Feder notes she has a remarkable story.

Born in France to parents who survived the Holocaust by being on Schindler’s List, Schlesinger came to America at age 2 and grew up on the North Side of Chicago. Straight out of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, she landed a job as a writer and producer at Newsradio 780 in 1973. Six years later, she moved up to reporter and anchor at the CBS Radio station.

Here is a link to Regine Schlesinger’s report on Betty White cutting the ribbon on Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications.


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