GOP Giving Up On Ending Health Care Law In Government Shutdown


Whoever thought that blackmailing government, or the President of the United States was a wise decision should think again.  There was no doubt how this would end, and even though it is not over, the writing is more clear for all to see.

These were the best paragraphs in the newspaper today.

new poll from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal highlighted the peril for Republicans, showing that they have shouldered a far larger share of the blame for the government shutdown than Mr. Obama. Just 24 percent of Americans viewed the Republican Party favorably, an all-time low in the survey.

Republican lawmakers and aides repeatedly brought up the poll on Friday. “The reality is we are, in the eyes of the American people, in very bad shape,” said Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona. “You can’t argue with those polls.”

To the dismay of conservatives, discussions about including revisions to Mr. Obama’s health care program have been dropped from most serious negotiations. An e-mail plea from the group Tea Party Express summed up their frustration on Friday. “Are you like us and wondering where the fight against Obamacare went?” it asked.       

Senate Republicans have insisted on dropping efforts to dismantle the law. At a lunch meeting in the Capitol earlier this week, Mr. McCain asked the roomful of Republican senators if any still thought that reversing parts of the program was an achievable goal now, according to a person briefed on the meeting. No one raised a hand, not even Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the public face of the conservative push in Congress to repeal the law.

NFL Football Turning Into The Tobacco Industry


No matter if we like to watch football or not, one thing is clear.  Something most dreadful is happening to many of the players when it comes to brain injuries.  No longer can we just pretend it is not happening, or worse, not care.

This week a twitter line from John Harwood made everyone pay attention when he likened NFL football to the tobacco industry.

Also thanks to PBS and Frontline for aggressive and detailed journalism on this most disturbing topic.


Emily Mills, Madison Freelance Writer, Starts Column In Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I am really pleased to know that Emily Mills, a well-known and much-respected Madison writer is now able to see her ideas published in a major Wisconsin newspaper.  How cool is that?!  Her writings will appear on the opinion page of the paper.

In Mills’ first column she nailed the issue of health care, and in part wrote the following.

How can we, as Americans, call ourselves a developed nation when millions of  our citizens still can’t afford even basic levels of care? The current model of  for-profit health insurance automatically spells disaster for too many people,  and not even just those in the lowest income brackets. For instance, my family  was once bankrupted by medical bills even though we had a fairly standard  insurance plan and a solid middle-class life. The edge is scarily close for most  folks, and it’s growing closer all the time.

And we’re stuck dealing with leaders such as Gov. Scott Walker  (R-Presidential hopeful), who opted to turn down about $4.4 billion (through  2020) in federal funds for a Medicaid expansion, deciding instead to go for a  hybrid approach that tightened income requirements for the state-run system and  left everyone else to the private exchange market. That means that a family of  four with a yearly income of just $23,550 is no longer eligible for low-to-no  cost coverage under state programs. They will instead need to buy insurance on  the exchanges and hope that the associated federal subsidies will be enough to  make them affordable.

I’m trying to imagine supporting a family of four on so little money, let  alone factoring in health insurance costs. It’s difficult enough for an  individual making that much money to support themselves, let alone three other  people. Contrary to what certain big fast food chains seem to think, simply not  paying your heat bill isn’t really an option.

So what do you do?

Wisconsin now holds the rather dubious distinction of leading the nation in  the number of low-income people it’s kicking off its Medicaid rolls.

This isn’t just a moral issue, though I’d argue that is the most important  consideration. The seemingly visceral hatred by some on the right for anything 

Country Singer Ray Price In Need Of Prayers And Good Thoughts, Very Sick In Hospital, Send Card

Ray Price, legendary singer and performer has developed SEPSIS, an awful bacteria infection in his blood line.  Price was rushed to a cardiac intensive care unit three days ago and treatment was started.  Though he has stabilized his condition is precarious, given his other medical issues from cancer.

Any one wanting to send get well cards to Ray send them to.
P. O. BOX 1986

Saturday Song: Bryan Wallick “Ave Maria”

Last night James and I attended the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra conducted by Andrew Sewell.  Madison is most fortunate to have Sewell and the many members of the orchestra showcase their talents here.  Last nights program featured a truly amazing and powerful performance by guest pianist Bryan Wallick.  He left the audience delighted, and standing to give him an ovation.   It is almost breath-taking to see such talent shine so brightly from center stage.  It was just pure joy to watch the energy and verve that Wallick exhibited when playing.  It was obvious he felt the music and it was a part of his being.  What a memorable evening.