Nut-Free College Football Game For Northwestern Wildcats


This story struck me this morning as most interesting.  With all the news which makes me wish for something better happening in the world comes. well, news about something better happening in the world.  This just makes me aware that people can be sensitive to others, and work in concert to make lives better.

As reported on WGN radio the Wildcats are likely the first college team to host an allergy-friendly game.  To make such a thing possible requires power-washing the stadium’s nearly 50,000 seats.  Good for those who made this possible.

While I have no such allergy I am aware that many do have issues that develop with peanuts,  So to make it possible for everyone to better enjoy the game I applaud the move.  Lets hope the Wildcats win on Saturday.

Northwestern University is hosting its first peanut-free football game to give fans with allergies a chance to focus on the game instead of worrying about negative reactions to the popular stadium snack, which can range from mild irritation to life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

That’s a big draw for Joyce Mason’s family, Northwestern fans from Gurnee. Mason’s daughter Julie, 13, has a potentially life-threatening peanut allergy. Safeguards such as wiping down the seats and traveling with two EpiPens to counter severe reactions aren’t always enough.

At a Cubs game a few years ago, Julie broke out in hives and began wheezing despite taking all of those precautions, Mason said, so now they attend only peanut-free games.

Peanut allergies affect about five of every 1,000 Americans and are on the rise, said Raoul Wolf, chief of the pediatric allergy and immunology section at University of Chicago Medicine. Though closed environments like airplanes pose a greater danger, stadiums can be “a huge risk,” Wolf said. “If you can smell the peanuts, there’s enough protein in the air to cause a bad reaction. For the most sensitive patients, it’s not a risk worth taking.”

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