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Surely Wisconsin Employment Commissioners Are Able To Understand Judge Colas This Time

October 21, 2013

Another court ruling has been generated due to the partisan need to cripple union rights in the state during the first year of Governor Scott Walker’s term in office.

Following Monday’s ruling by Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colás one thing is very clear.  The Wisconsin Employment Commission over-stepped their bounds.

As a result of the judge’s decision teachers and local  government workers will have the ability to immediately enter labor negotiations with their bosses.  It is also most likely that there will be a cancellation of union recertification  elections that were slated for November.

This all stems from the commission pretending that Colas’ ruling from 2012 stating some portions of ACT 10 were not constitutional somehow had never happened.  As such scheduling union recertification elections continued.   While the commission stopped acting against those who brought the suit other unions were not so fortunate.  It was some of those unions that then followed up in court which then allowed for today’s ruling.

The words today from the judge were to the point, and most direct.

“I think that is contempt — that’s an intentional disregard of the court’s  order.”

“I think this conduct was nothing more than an attempt to elude the  application of a judgment of the court the commissioners knew full well  applied.”

I suspect this time the Wisconsin Employment Commissioners will clearly understand the message that the court handed down.  If not for some calling to duty perhaps the threat of penalties of $2,000 a day if they resist his orders in the  future will help them follow the law.

While there is reason for many to feel good about this ruling, no one can be pleased that there continues to be a series of court cases that continues to tear and undermine the morale of public employees and strain the political fabric of our state.  To think that in January of 2011 none of this was on the radar, and if cooler and less partisan heads had prevailed Wisconsin would be less battered and bruised tonight.

The divide in this state is real, and deep.  No one likes it, but it exists.

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