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Sen. John McCain Might Seek Another Term

October 22, 2013


I would pay money to see another election cycle for Senator John McCain.

There is no way that this feisty and politically shrewd man will ever allow teabaggers to sully his name, or spin away the work that he has done while in the senate.  Should McCain seek another term, as he strongly suggested this week, means there will be one very intense and electrifying statewide race for Arizona in 2016.

Make that electrifying for the nation.

Everyone would tune into C-SPAN for the debates, and read the news accounts from the national and local correspondents covering the race.   There is nothing more snarky to be heard than a rightly pissed-off John McCain.   And if the Tea Party tries to make this a contest I know McCain will pepper them with some politics the likes of which they have never seen before .

I might also add that the media, especially the Sunday morning talk shows, will want McCain to prevail as he is one of the best interviews to be found.

This all goes to show that once again the best show to be found is politics.

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  1. Solly permalink
    October 23, 2013 11:23 AM

    during his last election he pandered to the lowest common denominator to beat a tea party opponent, so I wouldn’t expect him to re-find his gonads for the next election. “Build the dang fence!” John McCain finds his integrity right AFTER the elections, like when he said he was agin the confederate flag as part of the SC Capitol display after 2000 not before the primary. If he has opposition from the right again it’ll be tea party-lite John again. And I say this as someone who was a contributor and had a McCain for Pres sticker on his truck in 99 (before he was cool and on SNL) when he was the Straight Talk Express John and I voted for him against Shrub in the Wisconsin primary altho it was over by then. Hopefully by 2016 there are enough new people moving to AZ to vote out the wackos and return to principled representation like Mo Udall used to provide.

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