Shepard Smith’s Bad Behavior Leads To His Outing As Being Gay


I have said for a long time that my reading of Shepard Smith is that he is gay.  Just watching at times his afternoon show has led me to my personal conclusion.  Not a big deal at all, except that he works for a company not beating down the doors for gay rights.  In fact, often the company in question goes out of their way to make bigotry hasher and more deeply entrenched in our society.

There has been a public outing of the FAUX News personality.

Gawker published a gossipy piece by J.K. Trotter about Shep Smith’s bad behavior at a Chelsea bar last March, which culminated in Smith screeching for a waitress to “get my &@^*& drink!” (He never got the drink.) It’s an amusing but thoroughly lightweight story, making Gawker’s decision to promote it on their front page slightly puzzling—until Trotter reveals the true lead about halfway through:

Smith had arrived earlier that night with a straight couple and his own regular date, a muscular 6-foot-2 30-something white male, whom Bathtub Gin employees refer to as “his boyfriend.” Regular date! Muscular! “Boyfriend”! Yes, you’re reading that right: Shep Smith is very likely gay, and Gawker was first to kick open the closet door—definitively, at least.

5 thoughts on “Shepard Smith’s Bad Behavior Leads To His Outing As Being Gay

  1. Tom

    I guess the rule is that decency and privacy are important unless the person has different opinions. What a damaged morality you put on display here, sometimes.

    Perhaps you could post a list of other unethical and immoral actions we can take against our political antagonists while still patting yourselves on the back as good people. Unlike you, I don’t think “outing” someone is ever a funny joke or amusing payback. Its their choice and everyone else should stay the heck out of it, don’t you think?

  2. The rule on this blog, has been and continues to be, one that deals with hypocrisy.

    Take former Senator Larry Craig, as an example.

    When the conservative senator from Idaho made a play for another man in a restroom my first reaction was this is a great political story with ‘legs’. In fact my blog was linked at the bottom of CNN’s website story about this scandal. But my other instant reaction at hearing the news was how dare this bastard, who betrayed gay Americans while serving in Congress, conduct himself in a reckless fashion so that in the end only another stereotypical image will be created for anti-gay bigots in the nation.

    One can rightfully argue that if our nation had been more humane and progressive when Larry Craig was in college, or in his early adult years, that his coming to terms with his sexuality would have been easier, and therefore not a newsworthy item now. That type of just society is one that liberals fight for every day. Those are the types of rights that are advocated from time to time on this blog. When people are forced into the closet for whatever reason, and denied the right to live honestly, the results are the sad type of story that played out in the headlines with Senator Craig.

    But in no way do my feelings alter the total disgust that many Americans and I feel with the Senator over his voting record in Congress. In spite of his statements denying being gay, Craig led a double life, and therefore had a duty to protect and fight for issues that impacted all of gay society. To vote in a reckless and spiteful way against gay Americans, while cheating on his wife with men, is something that he should never expect forgiveness for. Not from his wife, and not from any gay person. He sold his inner convictions for a cheap chicken dinner and the time to speak at conservative events.

    He dishonored his family and the nation. Not by being gay. But by not living authentically. He chose a life of lies for himself and his family. That is the real tragedy to this story. Society that condones bigotry and denies people the ability and right to live life honestly should understand that the ‘Larry Craigs’ are the result.

    Thats what this blog calls out for all to see.

    As for Smith he works for a major broadcast network that continually undermines gay rights, and he has not come out on his own to push back over the crap that FAUX News spins.

    Therefore the rule of this blog allows for news of his sexuality to be posted, read, and linked by others.

  3. tom

    But all men and women are hypocrites…you and I both.

    How could this justify gawker outing him? Or, your participation in it? By your standards, anyone who appeared to me to be gay would be a fair target. I might rationalize this violent intrusion by claiming they held some hypocritical belief or that they worked for the wrong employer, but that would not change the nature of the thing.

    My LGBT friends–and yes, I have a few–would rightly see this as an injustice. Of course, the problem might be that I don’t understand what they have said, but I think they would consider this harassment a violation of their fundamental rights since this in just an attack based on sexuality.

    Your message is clear: it is okay to make a scandal of homosexuals if they disagree with you on politics.

    Please don’t criticize others who do the same.

  4. Tom,

    The issue is not politics, but hypocrisy. Live authentically. If one uses their office or position to undermine gay Americans, but then also are gay and closeted that then becomes an issue for gay people to challenge. That is what I did.

    Recall many years back the backlash on Jimmy Swaggart who preached brimstone about sin and sexual depravity and then was found to be with a prostitute. The same principle applies.

    Those who are not using a forum to undermine gay rights, but are gay themselves should be allowed to come out on their own terms. Anderson Cooper comes to mind when speaking of that camp.

    Hope this helps further my thinking on this matter, and thanks for the comment.

  5. Alinka

    It depends on the situation, I think.

    You are right, forcible outing is mean and rude. For example, going to a Halloween party as Agnetha this year with 3 friends, we are Swedish Disco band ABBA from late 70s, and just learned that one of the 2 (gay) guys is NOT out to his family. Yeah, yeah, dancing queen, etc. yet they are totally oblivious.
    Outing him would be betrayal from my part, but if I see Rush Limbaugh or Mark
    Belling with a boyfriend (or on a date with each other) I’ll snap all possible pics and walk to the end of the internets to promote them, God is my witness!

    Shepard – and he is the most reasonable of the FOX gang, mind you – can’t reasonably expect privacy, he opted out of it when he took the position. The way life on this Earth works, you are a public figure, you are under scrutiny. Outing was only a matter of time for him.

    Also catching a bigot with his pants down and being loud about it is a great piece of ammo in the war for gay rights. You just cant pass on such a great op, à la guerre comme à la guerre

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