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Chicago Radio Legend Steve Dahl Acting Prickish Over Huge Honor At Induction Into National Radio Hall of Fame

October 24, 2013


In better days.  Steve Dahl and Garry Meier.

There comes time when being churlish is just out of fashion.  That time is now for Steve Dahl who is a radio icon for many living in the reach of the Chicago market.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications is the location for one of the most important and highest honors that any broadcaster can hope to attain.  The National Radio Hall of Fame will induct new members early next month, and one of the most famous names from Chicago radio plans to miss the event and be inducted in absentia.

Steve Dahl is not planning to be in attendance for the most petty of reasons.   But his famous former on-air partner, Garry Meier, will be in attendance for his own induction.  The brutal back-and-forth between the two that seems to be as much theatre as real angst (at least as viewed from this side of the Wisconsin/Illinois line) should be buckled up and shoved aside for one glamorous night of broadcast magic.

Dahls’ antics might seem like a small affair that does not merit much attention.  But I think broadcasters should act in a manner that speaks well about the profession where they made a name for themselves.  If Steve Dahl respects his listeners, the ones who made him a household name and financially secure then he should don his tuxedo, buy a table at the event, take some family and friends.  Finally, Steve Dahl should be gracious.

To be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame is not to be sneered at, or to be tossed aside like yesterday’s newspaper.  It is a real honor, and to act out over some perceived slights or a desire to make a bigger story by his absence only makes Dahl look small.

I hope respect for the honor will prevail, and Dahl will be in attendance on November 9th.

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