McDonald’s “Dollar Menu” To Change

McDonalds keeps the grease but now it will cost customers more.

The McDonald’s “Dollar Menu” is no more—or rather, it will now be the “Dollar Menu & More,” including sandwiches, sides, and snacks that cost up to $2. The new menu, driven by rising prices on commodities, is the product of extensive negotiations between McDonald’s corporate headquarters and their franchisees.

Ever since the company introduced its dollar menu in the early 2000s, the low price-point has been a point of contention with McDonald’s franchisees. The double cheeseburger, which has the most expensive ingredients on the menu, has been the main battleground. In 2008, the company and its franchisees compromised, subtracting one slice of cheese from the sandwich to make up for rising beef costs. Thus was born the “McDouble”

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