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“The Rejection Collection” Is Great Mental Escape

October 24, 2013

So you have had a stressful week.  Still slightly stunned by the antics in Washington.  Not sure how to unwind.  Not quite wanting a heavy read, but yet wanting to enjoy a book.

I have one just for you.

We have all enjoyed, at one time or another, the great cartoons that are published in The New Yorker.  They are classic for the wit that results from a bit of simple drawings.  But what about those many offering that are submitted each week to the magazine that are never seen by the masses.  Roughly fifty New Yorker cartoonists submit ten ideas, yielding five hundred cartoons for no more than twenty spots in the magazine each week  You do the math.

Well, some of them made it into a hilarious book, The Rejection Collection.


Here is a sampling of what will tickle your ribs, and leave you laughing out loud.




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