And Steve Dahl Responds To Chaz Ebert…….

…..As the radio dial turns…..


The last time we left Chicago Chaz Ebert had requested in sweet terms that Steve Dahl and Garry Meier cease their hostilities and unite for their induction into the Radio Hall Of Fame.

To that Steve Dahl writes a note in response.  I post part of it.

Dear Chaz, thanks for the kind words and constructive thoughts. I agree with you 100% and let my anger go a long time ago. I have been clean and sober for over 18 years. Over the course of those 18 years I have tried multiple times to make amends to both Garry and his wife. They clearly are not interested in a reconciliation, and that’s unfortunate on both a personal and professional level too me. I am not the impediment.

I won’t be attending the HOF ceremony, not because I have any animosity, but because it doesn’t seem like the venue for another failed attempt at a Steve and Garry reconciliation. We were nominated together and we should accept the award together, not as separate entities at separate tables. That won’t happen. If I have learned anything about this relationship over the past 20 years, it’s that the Meier family has no inclination to “bury the hatchet” any place other than in my skull.

Saturday Song: Roy Acuff “Wait For The Light To Shine”

There is a fresh sound quality to this recording that just never fails to amaze me.