Alternative For The Snuggle House In Madison

There is no one that I have talked with who thinks the proposed Snuggle House in Madison, a business where customers can cuddle with young staff members for $60 an hour, would be anything but a house of ill-repute.  What my friends can also not understand is exactly who are the more than 300 clients reportedly waiting in line for ‘snuggle’ sessions.  What must be so awry in their lives that they need to pay for.. well…’snuggles’?

What is clear from any perspective this matter is viewed The Snuggle House is not a  legitimate business.   What can be done to make it  legitimate and not have it turn into a house of prostitution and still allow for real and genuine snuggles?

Last night while watching television I came across an idea that has charm and down-home sensibilities written all over it.

Big Hugs Elmo is 22″ tall and made of delightfully cuddly soft deluxe fabric and responds to hugs and cuddles. Elmo can communicate when he’s being rocked or bounced around and is even delicate enough to tell one of those 300 needy folks when he’s being held upside down.


Barn-Burner Of An Election For Mayor Of New York City, Bill de Blasio Can Not Be Stopped


This is simply delightful.  Especially considering the plans and ideas that Bill de Blasio has spoken about during his campaign.

Bill de Blasio “is poised to win the race for mayor of New York City by a historically large margin, powered by optimism that he will bring about change and by overwhelming voter disapproval of the Republican Party,” the New York Times reports.

A new New York Times/Siena poll finds de Blasio leading Joseph Lhota  by a mere 45 points among likely voters, 68% to 23%.

“That lead, which has remained remarkably consistent in multiple polls over the last six weeks, suggests that Mr. de Blasio could win the most sweeping victory in a mayor’s race since 1985, when Edward I. Koch was re-elected to a third term with a crushing 68-point margin of victory over his opponents.” <!–

GOP Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn Seems To Have Hearing Problem, CNN’s Carol Costello Has Reporter’s Tenacity

Too often a politician can be asked a very straight-forward question and answers with one of the most convoluted and abstract responses that leaves not only the reporter but also the rest of us wondering how deaf some of our leaders are who serve in Washington.

Consider the following.

CNN’s Carol Costello tried and tried to get Rep. Marsha Blackburn to tell her how the Obamacare website “specifically” violated medical privacy laws, since her network couldn’t find any violations. It did not go well.

A sample of Costello’s questions:  (the link allows for a video of this embarrassing interview for Congresswoman Blackburn)

“So what specifically were you referring to on the website that violates, that could possibly violate HIPAA?”

“Specifically what medical information does the website ask for? And specifically what private information that the government doesn’t already have does the website ask for?”

“What specifically does the website ask that I might be afraid might be shared with whomever? Specifically what information?”

A typical Blackburn answer: “What we want to make certain is the individual has a right to privacy.”

This nation is well-served when reporters do their job.  We need more of them like Carol Costello. She tried for six minutes to get the highly reluctant Blackburn to even remotely answer the questions.  Seems like there is no end to the Republican maneuvering that can be done to stay on message!