It Is Big News That Gay Marriage Is Supported By Majority In Wisconsin Poll

It may seem like a small news story to most people living in Wisconsin.  But to gay people, and especially those in relationships, the news Tuesday concerning a poll by Marquette University was something to really rejoice about.

For the first time a majority of my fellow state citizens support gay marriage,  The results show 53 percent support gay couples being allowed the same legal rights as others have when they are able to wed.  I do not take the news for granted, or lightly. It was, after all, a very long climb to this point in the polls, and lots of work and effort from so many who presented to the public the fact that gay relationships are no different  from all the others that society so easily  recognizes and has codified into law.  Just last year the same question garnered only 44 percent of those questioned.

This news is a very big deal.

I am now age 51, and look back on the road that many of us gay people traveled and marvel that we have made so much progress.  While 2006 was a most embarrassing time in Wisconsin due to a partisan move to place a constitutional amendment before the voters limiting rights and freedoms, I am also very aware of something else that is far more powerful.

The strength of our argument that all couples should be treated fairly has made tremendous strides within the past decade.  What has happened with the poll movement among the people of this state mirrors what is happening all over the nation.  Gay couples decided to present themselves honestly and forthrightly in every aspect of their daily lives.  From work to play, from grocery shopping, going to church, being on a bowling league or a member of a neighborhood association gay couples have put faces to the issue and in so doing have helped persuade society towards a more healthy way of viewing marriage rights.

What I hope does not happen, and I am sure most enlightened people of all political stripes will agree, is no one attempts some dark political calculation aimed at trying to foster renewed bigotry or animus against  gay people just when there seems to be steady movement towards equality.   Having grown up in rural conservative Waushara County I have seen both sides of the arc of history when it comes to gay rights.  I never thought it possible when being continually bullied in high school by people who only thought I was gay that there would come a day when a statewide poll would underscore the desire for strong civil rights for gay couples.

I know this story does not resonate with everyone as it does in our home tonight.

But let me say it most clearly.

This is big news, indeed!

Steve Cochran Cooking On High, WGN Radio Ratings Looking Up

This is pretty much as I expected.  Good news, and soon to be better!

Steve Cochran found encouraging news in the first full ratings report since he took over as morning personality on a revamped WGN AM 720.

Nielsen Audio figures released Monday showed the Tribune Broadcasting news/talk station tied for seventh place with a 4.0 percent share among all listeners, and tied for 24th with a 1.8 share among those between 25 and 54 — virtually unchanged from the previous month’s survey.

In morning drive, WGN remained in third place with a 5.5 share — up one-tenth from the previous month. Among adults 25-54, the station tied for 22nd place with 2.0 share — down from 18th place with a 2.2 share.

The ratings survey period, which ran from Sept. 12 to Oct. 9, began six days after Cochran replaced Jonathon Brandmeier in mornings (and the station unveiled new midday, evening and overnight shows as well).

“It would be great if everyone listened, but considering the total restart we have done, this is about what I expected,” Cochran told me. “It’s way too soon to see a big bump without any big promotional push, but that’s coming in the New Year. Up to now, we’ve been going strictly by word of mouth.”

Any disappointment? “Not at all,” he said. “I actually look forward to getting up at 3 a.m. to do the show — OK, no one wants to get up at that hour — but I look forward to the show every day.  As for performance, I would give myself a solid ‘B’ and my people on the show an ‘A’ because they’re great . . . and they have to work with me.”

“The Kennedy Half Century” Fantastic Free On-Line Course At Coursera


If you have not yet checked out the online course offerings at Coursera I suggest you give them a try.

This fall one of the free online courses I am auditing is The Kennedy Half Century with Professor Larry Sabato, who is also often seen on television providing political analysis.  The nice thing about being older and just curious about all sorts of things is having modern technology which allows for further education to take place on my terms and whenever I want to tap into it.  Which happens often.

While many know the historical aspects to JFK’s life, and history buffs even more, this series of lectures and the way it is presented allows for insight and perspective as we near the 50th anniversary of that fateful day in Dallas.

If you have any curiosity about history, or even how an on-line courses operates pour a mug of coffee, and give this course on JFK a try.  It is most engaging and informative.