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“The Kennedy Half Century” Fantastic Free On-Line Course At Coursera

October 29, 2013


If you have not yet checked out the online course offerings at Coursera I suggest you give them a try.

This fall one of the free online courses I am auditing is The Kennedy Half Century with Professor Larry Sabato, who is also often seen on television providing political analysis.  The nice thing about being older and just curious about all sorts of things is having modern technology which allows for further education to take place on my terms and whenever I want to tap into it.  Which happens often.

While many know the historical aspects to JFK’s life, and history buffs even more, this series of lectures and the way it is presented allows for insight and perspective as we near the 50th anniversary of that fateful day in Dallas.

If you have any curiosity about history, or even how an on-line courses operates pour a mug of coffee, and give this course on JFK a try.  It is most engaging and informative.


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