Saturday Song: Charlie Daniels Band “Joy To The World”

Thanksgiving Shopping: “Half-Dozen Officers Watching Over The Scene With Semi-Automatic Rifles In Hand”

And the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was so peaceful….

Lines snake out from each of the store’s many entrances, hugging its exterior walls and curling around the block. Shoppers huddle together in the 32-degree chill, largely outfitted in puffy black coats and scarves wrapped around their necks. A New York Police Department van sits nearby, a half-dozen officers watching over the scene with semi-automatic rifles in hand. The largest crowd lingers outside the main entrance on Broadway, corralled in barricades so they don’t spill out too far into the square. TV crews scamper around, documenting the scene.

I stand alongside a throng of photographers, cameramen and reporters who have stationed themselves around what will become the point of peak hysteria. We’re right on the front lines, wedged between the Michael Kors and Coach displays that immediately greet shoppers at the entrance.

We’re warned by Macy’s staff to stay out of the main walkway, which shoots right down the center of the first floor. “They won’t stop,” a store representative says of the shoppers waiting in the cold. We shuffle to the side.


How Black Thanksgiving Thursday Was Reported On Front Page Of Nation’s Newspapers

Corporate America wanted you to shop on Thanksgiving.  Jump, higher….jump!







WalMart Black Friday Videos

No commentary needed.  Just watch the videos.

Well, maybe just this one thought.

When I was a small boy there were times when I would ‘help’ my Grandpa feed the pigs.  As soon as they knew he was coming with his large basket of corn and also the feed the pigs would run towards the fence where he would provide the food.  Watching the people in these videos is much the same as what I saw as a boy back on his farm, and as such it is really disturbing,  It might be laughable if we knew it was not encouraged by corporate greed from WalMart.

Kim Schaefer Says Most Ridiculous Comment Of The Day

CNN reports that American consumerism triumphed over the Thanksgiving Holiday, with large volumes of shoppers finding more joy in greed than tradition as they stormed the stores on the national holiday.

As I read the story one line stood out.

“I don’t like that the hours are earlier. I think people should be able to be with their families on Thanksgiving,” said Kim Schaefer as she shopped for shoes at J.C. Penney.

I am not sure of the background of Kim Schaefer, and really it is not important.  The fact that she can not piece the two opposite ends of her quandary into a logical way to treat Thanksgiving and those workers she seems so concerned for is just the most ridiculous comment I am sure to come across today.

Schaefer’s need to buy shoes was not known to her on Wednesday, nor could it wait a few days?  She had to find her way to a store on Thanksgiving where workers were forced to come in and be away from their family and friends so she could purchase new footwear?

Yet she claims that she really wants those workers at home so they can enjoy the holiday!  Did she ponder not being a part of the problem, and just stay away from the stores on Thanksgiving?

How obtuse is this woman?

Black Friday Political Cartoons

Nothing makes it more clear than a political cartoon.


November 23, 2012










November 28, 2013



Some Newspapers Charging Home-Subscribers More For Ad-Filled Editions

Given today is a holiday around the home I will be super brief with an opinion about this news.  Long-time readers know how I feel.


The new, Scrooge-like practice of charging home-delivery subscribers MORE for the paper BECAUSE it’s fat with ads (“added value”), and therefore more lucrative for the publisher. Jim Romenesko posted the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s note to its EZ Pay subscribers: “Because of its large size (last year’s was 5 pounds), the Thanksgiving Day newspaper is the most expensive to produce and difficult to distribute. … Effective this year, we will charge a premium rate of $2.35 for the Thanksgiving Day newspaper. This charge will be debited to your newspaper account … Our Christmas Day holiday edition will be packed with after-holiday savings from your favorite retailers. … [W]e will charge a premium rate of $1.50.”