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Dick Cavett Talks About Richard Nixon

November 3, 2013


This just caught my eye.  I love Dick Cavett, and find Richard Nixon most interesting.

PG: Let’s talk about your famous opponents. Did you ever find out what you did to make poor Richard Milhous Nixon so angry with you?       

DC: Well, apparently the White House was furious about a show I did with John Kerry and John O’Neill, debating the Vietnam War. That started it. Then, your friend and mine John Lennon asked if I’d come down to court and assert that he should not be deported by the Nixon administration. That really did it.       

PG: They wanted to deport John Lennon?       

DC: Oh yes. You can even go to YouTube after lunch and listen to Nixon asking Haldeman, “What can we do to screw Cavett?” And years later, I learned from several members of my staff that he had used one of his favorite illegal hobbies and had the I.R.S. audit all of them, which was just hurting “the little people,” in the words of Joan Crawford.

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