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Follow This Election Come Tuesday Night, Special GOP Primary Runoff For Congress In South Alabama Hopes To Remove Teabagger

November 3, 2013


Many politicos around the nation are going to watch election returns on Tuesday night to see just how large the margin of victory will be for Bill de Blasio. New York’s next mayor.  Apart from HUGE there is no mystery as to the outcome in that race.  Folks will also watch to see how many points away from victory Ken Cuccinelli fell in his bid to be Virginia’s next governor.  There are not enough angry white men in Virginia to make Cuccinelli a happy man come Tuesday.

But there is another race that is on my radar, and I suspect many a Republican will be watching too as it may tell us all about the future path the GOP needs to take if it wants to remain a national party.  Seems there are more and more within the GOP who see the Tea Party as a stain that must be removed.  As such a special Republican primary runoff for Congress is taking place in South Alabama that pits the Republican establishment against the wing-nuts.

In the first test of its post-government-shutdown effort to derail Tea Party candidates, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put on a rally on Tuesday in the warehouse of an aluminum plant to show its support for Bradley Byrne, a lawyer and former Republican officeholder.       

Companies as diverse as Caterpillar and AT&T have also sent in a last-minute flurry of donations. The goal, backers of Mr. Byrne said, is to elect not just a Republican, but the right kind of pro-business one.       

Dean Young, the Tea Party-backed businessman who is running against Mr. Byrne, seems only to be reveling in his opponent’s establishment, big-money support, repeatedly praising Senator Ted Cruz of Texas for leading the way to the government shutdown and saying that if he wins it will be in the face of “the entire Republican establishment.”

Mr. Young’s voters are drawn by his declaration that homosexuality “always has been, always will be” wrong, his full backing of using a government shutdown “to stop Obamacare,” and his insistence that people “have the right to acknowledge God in schools and in the public square.”

David French, the chief lobbyist at the National Retail Federation, whose members such as Walmart have contributed to Mr. Byrne’s campaign, said that in House districts like this one in Alabama, the Republican nominee is almost certain to win the seat when the full election takes place in December. That means the business community has one shot to influence the outcome.       

“If you don’t play in the primaries, you are not going to take part in those races,” Mr. French said.

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