Establishment Republican Wins Over Tea Party Candidate In Special Alabama Congressional Primary Election

The fight for the heart of the Republican Party is underway as mature politicians work to stem the power of the Tea Party.  In Alabama that played out with a victory for the establishment side of the party as a ‘birther’ and Tea Party wing-nut was defeated Tuesday night in a special primary election for congress.

I argue this is the type of realignment within the GOP that is required.  The Republican establishment must again drive their car so that a two-party system can again work on the issues that require compromise.  The Tea Party does not know what it takes to make government function, and must be brought under control by the rest of their party.

Bradley Byrne has won the Republican runoff in Alabama’s 1st Congressional District.

With 91 percent of the precincts reporting Tuesday night, Byrne had about 53 percent of the vote; Dean Young garnered roughly 47 percent.

The Republican primary presented a classic clash between the two sides of the Republican Party. Byrne was the establishment candidate, drawing support from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and two men who held the 1st District office, Jo Bonner and Jack Edwards. Young ran as an outsider, aligning himself with the tea party and drawing praise from Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

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