Why Did Madison Badger Cab Hire Someone With A Long Criminal Record?

I must raise questions about a matter that was reported in the Wisconsin State Journal this morning.

By now we have all heard about an Evansville man who admitted to burning the body of a missing Fitchburg woman in a backyard fire pit of his rented home.  It is a repulsive crime that has many questions left to be answered.

But the person at the center of the story, Nathan C. Middleton, who is being held for a probation hold as investigators make their way through the crime evidence worked at Madison Badger Cab.   When one looks at the past criminal history of Middleton it soon becomes apparent that this might not the be the type of person that should be sent to the airport to transport a single person to a motel.

Badger Cab operations manager Mike Dentice confirmed that Middleton drove a  taxicab for the company but did not elaborate further, citing privacy concerns.

The report this morning provided more details about Middleton’s past behavior.

According to court records, Middleton was found guilty of bail jumping,  endangering safety and use of a dangerous weapon in Dane County in 2003. He was  found guilty of burglary in Washburn County in 2005. That same year he was  convicted in Dane County on two counts of burglary while armed with a dangerous  weapon. Eight other counts were dismissed.

While I think people should have second chances to correct their past blemishes there are also types of jobs that might not be appropriate.  For instance I think Middleton working in retail or as a snow plow contractor would be much different than having a single women or thin man alone with him in a cab.

There are a number of legal aspects to hiring people for any job, and I am sure Badger Cab might have reasons they hired Middleton by claiming they had no knowledge of his past, or were unable to not hire based on his past.

But I strongly suspect most people would agree with me on the following.

I would not want a friend or loved alone in a cab with someone who had Middleton’s criminal background, even before the news of his current criminal investigation was made known.  Up until today I just assumed that the caliber of drivers were higher.  I am concerned that is not the case.

One thought on “Why Did Madison Badger Cab Hire Someone With A Long Criminal Record?

  1. FWIW, drivers for Badger Cab (most taxi companies?) are independent contractors that lease a vehicle from the company rather than being an actual employee. Tho, they do say on their webpage that they conduct a background check with the Madison Police Dept, so they must have some sort of guidelines on who they lease to.

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