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Political Losers Need To Be Graceful, That Goes Especially For Joe Lhota

November 6, 2013


Last night I had a grand time watching the election returns from key races in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Alabama.  There is an energy to Election Night even when only a handful of contests are being decided.  I like to watch the returns roll in, and while everyone knew where the final tally would land in Virginia, was it not fun to feel the intrigue along the way?

Then once the races have been called comes the speeches of concession or those of joy and celebration of victory.  No one could miss the perfectly-toned speech that Governor Christie gave not only to his state, but the nation.

Then then was the speech that made me cringe from the losing candidate for mayor of New York, Joe Lhota.  It should prove to be a text-book example of what not to do when the voters have shunned you.  For the sake of those who worked and toiled in the campaign just be graceful from the stage.  Say a few nice words about the victor, kiss your loved ones, wave, and exit the stage.

But do not—and I repeat do not–make mean statements after loosing.  It looks God awful when making the papers the morning after.

In Manhattan, Mr. Lhota, a 59-year-old Republican, quieted boos from his disappointed supporters as he conceded the race from behind a wooden lectern at a hotel in Murray Hill. “I wish the outcome had been different,” he said. He struck a defiant tone, mocking Mr. de Blasio’s campaign slogan, “a tale of two cities,” by quipping that “despite what you might have heard, we are one city,” and adding, “I do hope the mayor-elect understands this, before it’s too late.”

It was not bad enough that Lhota called Bill DeBlasio “a socialist” during the campaign, but then he made for a nasty concession speech when all that was required was some good manners.

  1. November 7, 2013 1:41 PM

    Exactly, Alinka.

    Too often words such as the ones mentioned are tossed about and left hanging for the partisans to define as they look for yet another reason to oppose the other side. I saw a You Tube video several years ago that asked people at a Tea Party rally to define the terms, and it was lunacy as to the results. These were the same ones who were concerned about the word ‘czar’ that is often used when a government program needs a top controlling head to make this or that change in policy, etc. Just laughable.

  2. Alinka permalink
    November 7, 2013 11:41 AM

    Ugh. Good rule “don’t use words like “socialist” or “communist” without being able to define them, or you will surely lose” works every time

  3. November 6, 2013 4:48 PM

    The gracious concession speech may be going the way of Bipartisan Negotiation:
    “The established Republicans did everything they could, they poured their money into it and they barely, barely beat you guys. This is the first warning shot that goes out across the nation that people in the United States are tired of where our government is going and I thank God for all of you.” — Dean Young, R-AL
    “The Democratic political bosses – some elected, some not – made a deal with this governor despite him representing almost everything they’re against, They didn’t do it for the state. They did it to help themselves politically and financially.” — Barbara Buono, D-NJ

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