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Governor Walker Needs To Show Compassion For Those Who Might Lose BadgerCare

November 7, 2013

There is no doubt the tangled computer woes relating to signing up for health care is getting even more complicated for a large group of Wisconsin citizens.  The question is what might be done to make sure more of our fellow citizens do not fall by the wayside without insurance coverage.

The crux of the matter is rather clear for most to see.  There is a real possibility that some of the 77,000 adults being removed from Badgercare at the end of this year will not have coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  If the computer system was able to perform at the level required there is no doubt that most of these people impacted would have a cost effective policy that allows them to access continued health care coverage.  The issue with the computers that has generated so many late-night talk show jokes, along with partisan spin from those who never wanted a national health care plan in the first place, is not helping with what may be a real problem in Wisconsin.

With many people feeling stressed about how to best navigate the new rules and options comes the added burden of not knowing until Nov. 23 if they meet eligibility standards to stay on their existing plan.  If they do not they have until  Dec. 15 to get coverage by Jan. 1.

The clock is a’ticking and it seems there is not a lot of promise coming from Governor Walker about what might happen if the national system is not yet ready to accept new applicants.  Therefore state health care proponents are asking Walker what he has in mind to be helpful at this time, given the complexities involved, the narrow time frame, and the technical issues with the computer system needed for signing up for coverage.

The letter from advocates says many of the 77,000 people could end up uninsured.  That could “further strain the resources of community health centers, emergency  departments and other health providers, and the millions of health care  consumers in Wisconsin shouldering the health care costs of the uninsured,” it  says.

While it may seem like scoring political points is the most important thing for the Republican Party to do at a time like this I have another idea for Governor Walker.  Given his upbringing, and the time of year that we are about to enter with the Christmas holiday approaching I suggest harkening back to a verse in the Old Testament.

Deuteronomy 15:11 ‘For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’

It might not be the position that the Washington power players might urge Walker to take in light of his presidential ambitions.  But it is the path that would allow a sizable number in our state to have some assurance that they will not be without health insurance coverage.

I often hope our better angels guide the way, and of course I am not surprised when their efforts fail.

Can not the leaders of this state find some path forward for these 77,000 people who have played by the rules, and now seem likely to find many falling through the holes?

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