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Wisconsin State Rep. Joel Kleefisch Can Not Be Serious About Qualms Over Oral Chemotherapy

November 7, 2013

I was watching the late local news, and really felt I had misheard, or misunderstood the thrust of the coverage about mandating insurance companies paying for oral chemotherapy.   There seems to be a great amount of medical evidence that shows support for this type of treatment.  The problem is that insurance plans have not kept up with advances in medicine, and so are not paying for this treatment.

As a result some cancer patients must pay up to thousands of  dollars out-of-pocket if their treatment is one that must be taken orally.  That is not the way cancer patients should be treated in this state when medical research proves what is most beneficial for treatment.

As such there is a bill before the legislature that would require insurance coverage of oral chemotherapy.  But there is one state representative that has qualms about how the matter would be paid for, and it seems unable to fully embrace the bill.

What makes the statements from Republican State Rep. Joel Kleefisch so rich is that his wife, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, used oral and IV chemo to fight colon cancer in 2010.  But now her husband is not sure all the others in the state that might also benefit from the ability to obtain it for their use, should have insurance companies pay for it.  He claims to now have questions over the cost of such coverage for the insurance company.

This is perhaps the saddest story for this week, and in the world in which we live that is saying a great deal.

People with cancer are fighting a most vicious and often-times, relentless disease.  The last thing they need are senseless hurdles that only create more stress and financial hardship.

When Rebecca Kleefisch was battling her disease in 2010 this blog came to her defense.  At the same time Ed Thompson, candidate for state senate, was also dealing with cancer.

We know that both  Kleefisch and Thompson are trying their best with the political battles currently underway.  Now they also have to fight a more personal battle with a far more aggressive opponent that never plays fair.  Worse yet they have to do part of that in front of the public at election time.    If ever there was a time for some ‘space’ to be granted, these would be two perfect examples of when it should be offered with no explanations needed.  I think the human needs for both of these people far exceeds any political requirements.  Period. 

It would be nice now for those who were personally impacted at one time with this dreaded disease to make sure that every path possible was cleared for those today who are battling cancer.  It is unconscionable to me that Rep. Joel Kleefisch can do anything other than make sure insurance companies pay for these oral medications.  He is most fortunate to still have his wife as a part of his family.

Lets make that happen for as many other Wisconsin families as we can.

  1. Setdownhike permalink
    November 11, 2013 1:13 PM

    This bill is sponsored by almost as many Republicans as Democrats (and its two lead authors are Republican women)—cancer isn’t partisan, Jan.

  2. November 10, 2013 11:59 AM

    It’s interesting to note that teapublicans are all about privatization of everything so that free markets can flourish. What the Wisconsin electorate should note is that while they are demonizing Obamacare as socialistic death panels, they will kill more people than the ACA ever could.

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