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How Far Will Governor Walker’s View Of Political Ads Extend Come Election Year?

November 12, 2013

It pays to read the last paragraph of news stories printed in the paper.

Presently Governor Walker is mulling over how best to deal with the issue of allowing (or not) an Indian casino in Kenosha.  For months there has been a PR effort made to sway a decision that at this point needs to come from Walker.  The U.S. Department of Interior already has agreed to the project.

I applaud the fact Walker is taking his time with this matter, and even trying to get some leverage from the players to make sure the best deal is struck.  But what I found most amusing is how Walker wants to get the needed information so to best determine the route to take.

According to the Associated Press coverage of this story Walker asked that the tribes get actual information to his staff working on this matter so he has the needed facts to make his final decision.  “He said TV ads encouraging him to say yes or no are not helpful.”


So let me get this straight.

On a matter of policy Walker is saying purchasing  TV air time to run over and over a stilted ad designed to short-change the facts and present a biased point of view will not meet his needs to make an informed decision.

And I would agree with him!

But might his argument also not extend to all the rest of us when it comes time for election year politics to dominate the state?

Might not a continual series of political ads from Walker that are lacking real information and presented with bias underserve the needs of the voters?

Might it not be time for more debates between the candidates, and even long-form opinion pieces in newspapers that reach out to inform and engage the electorate as opposed to the relentless ads that consultants want to hammer the voters with week after week?

If Governor Walker knows this to be true now with the casino issue, can he not understand how the voters feel in an election season?

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