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America Not Ready For Another Bush In The White House

November 13, 2013

While I very much approve of a moderate voice taking on the Tea Party types such as Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul when it comes to presidential politics in 2016, I am most certain that former Florida Governor Job Bush is not the person to lead the charge.

My reasoning is not whether Jeb Bush has the credentials and sense to mount an aggressive national race, or if he has the mental heft on the issues.  I think he does on both counts.  Though I differ with his approach to the issues I find him well-intentioned, bright, and capable.  Any one other last name and this man might well be the best suited for the Republican nomination.

But the last name Bush leaves a most foul reminder of what that means after only a few years since President Bush left the nation splintered and war-weary.

It may not seem fair to tag a much more deserving and mentally engaged brother with the flaws of another in the family but that is what becomes the largest hurdle for any candidacy that Jeb might wish to consider.

By some accounts Jeb Bush is looking at New Jersey Governor Christie as the potential savior of the GOP from the clutches of the Tea Party that can not win national elections, but can harm those on the bottom of the ticket.  If Christie can not muster the power to break through on the national stage some are suggesting that Jeb Bush may feel bound to try.

Since I know the importance of having two very capable governing powers so to best formulate broad-based and competent policy I do not think that the nation is ready to forget what the last Bush did while in office.

In other words Democrats need to hope that Christie can move the Republican Party to the sane side.  Not so much for his own benefit, but more importantly for the sake of the political process that needs to again function so to best serve the nation.

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