Thanks For Working To Spruce Up Hancock, Wisconsin

Not for the first time does this blog take an interest in Hancock, Wisconsin.  I grew up there, and have countless memories of how it once looked.  From a Main Street that housed many businesses to the well-maintained and orderly homes and yards that stretched out in all directions.  It was never a community of rich people, but it was always  tidy and a proud place.  There is still much to work with in the small village, and I am so glad that there seems a real intent to do just that very thing.

Among the first places to start is making sure that the ordinances in place are observed and followed when it comes to making sure properties are properly maintained.

This year when the property tax bills go out to Hancock residents there will be a letter that will encourage people to maintain their homes and property.   I understand the need for such a letter, but as a 51 year-old man I am also taken aback that such an action would be needed.  After all, where is the pride of home-ownership and community spirit that should just move a person to do the right thing without being asked when it comes to the place where one lives?

Should the letter not be enough to nudge the ones who fail to upgrade and maintain their homes then ordinance violations will have to be issued.

I sincerely applaud board member Sue Dietz, and others who have worked to make sure Hancock moves forward by honestly addressing the needs that this village has at the present time.  It is not always easy in small towns to make such calls, but when it needs to be done it takes local leaders to step up and make a difference.

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