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News Stories Remind Nation’s Voters Gov. Walker Might Be Center Of John Doe Probe

November 19, 2013

The news stories which name former state Appeals Court Judge Gregory Peterson as the new presiding judge in the secret criminal investigation into  campaign fundraising and spending during the recall elections is straightforward on it face.  After all, there needed to be a replacement after Kenosha County Circuit Judge Barbara Kluka recused herself from overseeing the probe last  month.

The process calls for a presiding judge, and the John Doe probe continues.   That part of the story is routine.

By all accounts this probe is spread over five Wisconsin counties, 29 special interest groups, and the recall election campaign of Governor Walker.  This is where the mystery deepens, and questions abound over how much the Walker efforts at winning the recall election(s) might have become ensnared and entangled with legally questionable activities.

At a time when Governor Walker is trying to make a major initial introduction to the nation via his just published book, and the interviews that go hand-in-hand with such a publication, comes the continual nagging suspicions that something was foul in the way elections matters were conducted.  What is often left unsaid makes for the sharpest opinions by voters watching or reading.

The fact remains, even though John Doe probes are conducted in secret, that the news all points to conservative elements at the center of the investigation.  With the awesome amounts of campaign cash that was trucked through this state for the recall elections it is not surprising that every letter of the law was not followed.  I would be shocked if they had all been followed.  The questions that now seem to be asked are whether any laws were broken in the heat of the 2012 election period.

Governor Walker is trying to make a favorable first impression on voters in Iowa and New Hampshire in his quest for the White House.  But with every news story about the probe voters are left asking what role Walker himself might have played, and what investigators might be learning.

It is not the best way to roll out an introduction as a potential presidential candidate.

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