Wisconsin Republicans Prove “Follow The Money” Still Important Rule To Understand

Over the past few days the words from Watergate’s Deep Throat has bounced around my head.  “Follow the money.

There is no way not to be amused with the push-back Wisconsin Republicans are mounting over the latest John Doe probe that seems aimed at Governor Scott Walker’s recall election efforts, along with legislative leaders who were working to make sure the GOP remained in control of the state senate.

Thinking there must be some nefarious plot underway to tarnish the good name the Republican Party has created in this state comes the plea from some high priced lawyers that there be a halt to the secret investigation of campaign fundraising and spending.  To have anyone even suggest such a tactic, let alone actually engage the legal process to have it so ruled, is proof that there is something we all need to know about the recall elections and the money that was raised and spent.

If nothing unethical or illegal was done during the recall races then no one has anything to worry about with the John Doe investigation.

But to read that many nervous conservatives are hiring very high-priced lawyers seems yet another sign that something needs to be known by Wisconsin voters.  Why is there such a determined effort to stop the investigation into campaign activity by Gov. Scott Walker’s recall campaign and more than two dozen conservative political groups?

Why are some heavy-hitters from the legal community working with the petitioners to have the John Doe probe halted?  Who needs a lawyer specializing in complex litigation and white collar crime if there is nothing to hide, or reason to fear a John Doe probe?

Four attorneys are listed as representing the second unnamed petitioner. Two  — Edward H. Meyers and Philip O’Beirne — are from Stein Mitchell Muse and  Cippollone in Washington, D.C. Two attorneys — Todd P. Graves and Edward D.  Greim — are from Graves Garrett LLC in Kansas City, Mo.

The third unnamed petitioner is represented by Michael Bresnick of the Stein  Mitchell firm.

According to the law firm’s website, Bresnick recently joined Stein Mitchell  after serving as head of President Barack Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement  Task Force.

Over and over when political scandals surface there is one way to better understand the story, and survey the political landscape.  Just as it was when President Nixon was feeling the heat, so too can we analyse the news by heeding the words of Deep Throat.

Follow the money.

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