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CBS Will Stream Four Days Of Its 1963 Live Coverage Of President Kennedy’s Assassination..Starting At 1:40PM ET Friday, November 22nd

November 21, 2013

This is something that will be most remarkable for history buffs, news junkies, and those interested in the media.


To mark the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, CBS will stream four days of its live coverage from 1963, covering the first reports of the assassination to the president’s funeral. If you are like me then mostly all that has ever been seen is about 10 minutes collectively of all the coverage from those days. That makes what plans to do all the more important as history played out in such rugged detail for the television audience.  Political history was being written minute by minute.  But so too was the story of how the media was never again to be the same.  Television came of age that weekend, and the role of the anchorman was firmly planted for network television as now legendary reporter Walter Cronkite kept Americans united with the latest news.  The four days’ worth of video will be uncut, and  the stream will start at 1:40PM ET on Friday, November 22nd and end on Monday.


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